Tenant safety and landlord liability

Tenant Safety and Landlord Liability

Vicki Hetherington News

With the recent focus on the Healthy Homes Standards, more stories are emerging in the media that other aspects of rental properties are dropping off the radar for busy landlords, already swamped by the looming healthy homes deadline. Tenant safety and landlord liability is important to understand. Questions regarding who’s responsibility the safety of a rental property is are complex …

What is a bright-line test?

What is the bright-line test?

Vicki Hetherington News

The ‘bright-line’ test has been a hot topic this year. Originally brought in as a simpler way of applying an income tax on speculator’s “flipping” houses, the term originates from US constitutional law where a bright-line rule or test is “a clearly defined rule or standard, composed of objective factors, which leaves little or no room for varying interpretation”. The purpose of …