Frequently Asked Questions

A: The simple answer is it saves you time, money and stress. Using a property manager is tax deductable. So it is not only saving you time but you can claim on any fees you pay. We have systems and procedures in place to ensure that tenants respect your property. We have the knowledge to understand all the relevant legislation regarding renting property. We perform full background checks to ensure your tenants are reliable and trustworthy. We have built up extensive trades contacts so can get great deals, which we pass onto you. We regularly check your property so it is well maintained and problems are fixed before they become problems.
A: All you need to do is email your present property manager giving them notice that you wish to finalise your dealings with them and CC in Corporate Property Rentals,
We will then take care of everything, liaise with your previous property manager and your tenants, making it a completely seamless process for you.
A: We work closely with companies and corporations who contract overseas professionals to work in New Zealand. These professionals need quality accommodation in convenient locations, both urban and rural.
As tenants, business professionals are excellent rent payers and are more likely to care for your property.
As rental property owners you also get the benefit of our extensive corporate marketing coverage along with our highly competitive management fees.
A: The key to maximising the return on your property is to keep your property as modern and fresh as possible to ensure you attract the highest rent return possible and conscientious tenants with their own high standards.
Also, if you have a fixed term tenancy you can minimise the time when your property is empty between tenancies, thus ensuring maxim return.
And if you use the services of Corporate Property Rentals to manage your property you can claim back any fees on your taxes, and take advantage of our special rates with tradespeople, credit checks, and many property-related outlets.
A: Rents collected over the previous month are paid into the owners’ bank account on a monthly basis, minus fees and expenses.