Landlords can expect to feel the crunch from increased policing.

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Could you hear the collective groan of landlords around New Zealand as the government made the budget announcement last month? With $80 million set aside for the Bond Centre, Tenancy Tribunal, and Healthy Homes initiatives, we’re sorry to say that landlords can expect to feel the crunch from increased policing. From this budget $16 million has been set aside to enable the Compliance and Investigation Team to do work relating to the compliance of Healthy Homes regulations.

Perhaps the loudest groan following the budget announcement was from the NZ Property Investors Federation; “The NZ Property Investors Federation (NZPIF) believes that the $16 million which has been set aside for the investigation of Healthy Homes compliance of private rental property providers would be better spent in other areas such as Pharmac, schools or education where the funds are required,” said Sharon Cullwick, executive officer of the NZPIF. “Most of our members are bringing their properties up to the Healthy Homes Standards, as and when these are required, with many already implementing the changes before the required deadlines.”

Property Investors Federation president Andrew King says the $16 million to be spent increasing investigations of rental properties to ensure healthy homes are realised is a total waste of money and would rather see this cash put towards areas with greater need such as health care or education. Landlords are generally following advice, especially with the heat pump installations, despite some tenants not wanting to use their new heat pump because of increased power bills. At Corporate Property Rentals, as landlords too we understand your frustrations. Alongside our landlords and tradies, we are all working hard to ensure rentals meet the Healthy Homes legislation before the looming deadline.

However, it’s not all bad news. An additional $5 million has been allocated to support the Tenancy Tribunal to manage increasing demand from changes to the Residential Tenancies Amendment Act which could see faster turnarounds for landlords and tenants. King says the Property Investors Federation is planning on actively encouraging the Ministry of Justice to consider a centralised service where landlords raise issues of rent arrears by email and have the case settled within five days, instead of the seven weeks it now reportedly takes.

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