Tenancy Application Form

Tenancy Application Form

Tenancy Application Form
  • Property Details
  • Applicants details
  • Second Applicant
  • Motor Vehicle Details (All - if more than one)
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  • Tenancy Details
  • References
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  • Nearest relative
  • Any flatmates/Other Occupants (separate application form required)
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  • Cautions provided pursuant to the Privacy Act 1993 and other information before applying for a Residential Tenancy

    In terms of the Privacy Act 1993 you are given notice that:

    Request Information - This application asks you to provide personal information and; Recipient of Information
    This information is provided by you for Corporate Property Rentals.
    You are further advised that If you do not supply all the information requested in this form you may not be considered as the best applicant for the property or properties available and;
    Purpose of Collection - The information on this form is required so that the landlord is better able to assess whether you are the best applicant on merit for the tenancy and;
    Sign of Information - I/We advise you that you have the right to see the information I/we hold about you and;
    Correct Information - To correct that information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1993.

    Other information drawn to your attention

    Understanding By completing this form you are applying for a residential house/flat/apartment and if successful accept the property in the condition you have viewed it.

    For introducing me/us to a property I agree to pay your fee of one week’s rent (plus GST) to Corporate Property Rentals. I confirm that all the information given in this form is true and correct. I give my permission for Corporate Property Rentals to check the information given, complete credit checks and lodge my details including photo ID on TINZ (Tenancy Information NZ) and its associated databases, or any other relevant database which may be used by other property management companies.

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